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Information (Japanese Only)

17.08.04 NEWS 最新版 Solid Edge ST10がリリースされました。ダウンロードはここをクリック
17.10.03 SEMINAR 【~2017/12】Solid Edge Simulation基礎体験セミナー日程決定
17.10.03 SEMINAR 【~2017/12】Solid Edge 基礎体験セミナー日程決定
17.09.15 NEWS Solid Edge ST9 MP10(Solid_Edge_MSI_MP10)リリース

TAC Solution

Offering excellent design tools and experienced support, we support to build a better product development environment.

As tools to improve the efficiency of designers, we offer the mid-range 3D CAD “Solid Edge”, the high-end 3D CAD/CAE/CAM software “NX,” and the “Teamcenter,” the most installed product lifecycle management system in the world, all developed by Siemens PLM Software, as well as the product costing software “aPriori” developed by aPriori.


Aiviation-related Solution

Product Cost Management Software