We are not only offering the engineering support, but also providing maintenance services for equipment in the manufacturing process.

Aviation-Related SolutionAviation-related Services

TAC conducts maintenance of aviation manufacturing machinery (composite-related manufacturing equipment), regardless of whether they are made in Japan or abroad. Furthermore, we also conduct maintenance of custom-made machines that are not often used around the world.

For the maintenance support of aviation manufacturing equipment for composite (composite carbon fiber) materials, we will work on site at the client's location and provide everything from routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and 24-hour/7-day trouble support. In addition to maintenance services, we can also grasp day-to-day operations, propose measures to improve the efficiency of Layup production work, offer maintenance guidance to on-site engineers and create troubleshooting manuals.

Aviation-Related Business OutlineService Details

Maintenance services for aircraft manufacturing equipment Maintenance service examples
  • Emergency support
  • Proactive support
  • Maintenance support routine inspections
  • Maintenance history database
  • 24-hours/7-day support