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TAC Business Outline

Business OutlineTAC Business Outline

To efficiently promote technology transfer to the next generation, we systemize the know-how and the experience of professional engineering and manufacturing skills and experienced processing engineers and provide support and consultation by applying the utilization techniques of 3D CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM systems.

In order to achieve the effective utilization of 3D Model data that takes into account actual business content from the design to the manufacturing and suppliers, we recommend the robust product development environment comprised primarily of 3D drawings. By combining the latest techniques and technologies with our knowhow and proven methods, we support further improved efficiency of product development environments.

CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Application

Offering excellent design tools and experienced support, we support to build a better product development environment.

As tools to improve the efficiency of designers, we offer the mid-range 3D CAD “Solid Edge”, the high-end 3D CAD/CAE/CAM software “NX,” and the “Teamcenter,” the most installed product lifecycle management system in the world, all developed by Siemens PLM Software, as well as the product costing software “aPriori” developed by aPriori.

Aviation-Related Solution

we conduct maintenance of aviation manufacturing machinery (composite-related manufacturing equipment), regardless of whether they are made in Japan or abroad. Furthermore, we also conduct maintenance of custom-made machines that are not often used around the world.

For the maintenance support of aviation manufacturing equipment for composite (composite carbon fiber) materials, we will work on site at the client's location and provide everything from routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and 24-hour/7-day trouble support. In addition to maintenance services, we can also grasp day-to-day operations, propose measures to improve the efficiency of Layup production work, offer maintenance guidance to on-site engineers and create troubleshooting manuals.


We provide training and consulting activities with the goal of resolving our customers’ issues and achieving a better product development environment.

we take advantage of the knowhow of our skilled engineers and use three-dimensional CAD/CAM/CAE systems as tools to conduct early development of next-generation engineers and re-establish existing engineers, as well as to provide consulting and training support to facilitate the progress of implemented companies.